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Medical Spa Specials

We are participating in Have A Little Heart program which we also did last year through Donor Network West.

We are running the promotion April 1 – May 31, and again we will have the Mayor’s support on this program. Businesses like us partner with them and provide a discount or special offer to people who show their driver’s license and it has the “little heart” on it. We are giving a travel size item to people, to include: face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen, night cream etc. We are looking forward to make the conversation of tissue and organ donation more comfortable to have. Our employee Aleah Hartung is a organ recipient and without programs like this we may not have her here with us.

For more info on becoming a donor visit http://www.donornetworkwest.org/heartnv/

Kybella Special

Dissolve under chin fat and create a more contoured neckline, save 20% off kybella purchase and for a limited time an extra $400 when you commit to 4 of more vials*

*Must have a brilliant distinctions account or sign up for one to be eligible for discount.