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Massage Reno

Achieving total body wellness involves being mindful and living in harmony with your environment. Internal and external stress factors have an effect on individual balance. Spa body therapy is the perfect solution to realign the bodies energies and restore overall health. See our complete Aesthetic Treatment price list here: 2014 Service Sheet

Renovation Signature Aromatherapy Massage

85 Minutes – $115

Aromatic essential oils relieve individual stresses, balancing the mind and body through your sense of smell to calm the nervous system, and create a sense of peace and well-being.

Tranquil Swedish Massage

25 Minutes – $50, 55 Minutes – $75, 85 Minutes – $110

A relaxing full-body massage that improves circulation, detoxifies, de-stresses, and relieves muscle aches and tension.

Peak Performance Sports Massage

55 Minutes – $90

This is a therapeutic massage that targets muscle aches and pains of the active individual to relieve tension and speed recovery.

Renewal Deep Tissue Massage

55 Minutes – $85

An intense massage therapy for the treatment of chronic pain and imbalances in the body. The release of deep muscular tension relieves anxiety that accompanies pain, thus restoring vitality.

Mother-to-Be Massage

85 Minutes – $100

Designed to relieve the physical and emotional needs experienced during pregnancy. Experience a soothing treatment to enhance relaxation, improve circulation, and melt away your discomforts.

Zen Aroma Stone Massage

55 Minutes – $100, 85 Minutes – $150

The use of polished, heated stones are an extension of your therapists’ hands.

“Speedy Recovery” Massage Therapy

30 Minutes – $55

This is a Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage that is performed after surgery to relieve swelling, bruising, discomfort, and to speed up the recovery process.