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Aesthetic Skin Peels Reno

See our complete Aesthetic Treatment price list here: 2014 Service Sheet

Purity Peel

30 Minutes – $75

A salicylic acid peel that purifies acne conditions and controls oil production in the skin. This treatment is also gentle enough for resurfacing environmentally damaged skin.

Revival Peel

30 Minutes – $75

A potent glycolic acid peel that increases cell renewal, decongests and refines texture for all skin types.

Replenishing Peel

30 Minutes – $75

A lactic acid peel that hydrates, controls melanin production, and stimulates cell renewal. This peel is ideal for dry, sensitized and discolored skin conditions.

The Obagi Blue Peel (TCA Peel)

45 Minutes – $450

The strongest of our peels for severe sun damage and wrinkles, strong peeling will occur the following week. When peeling is completed, an inclusive enzyme treatment will rehydrate and remove any residual flaking.

Illuminize Peel

45 minutes – $100.00

This non-invasive, very superficial chemical peel utilizes a newer generation of alpha-hydroxy acids in combination with salicylic acid to maximize skin rejuvenating effects with low irritation. Illuminize Peel increase skin glow and radiance, tightens the skin and improves clarity, color and skin texture. Patients achieve enhancement of skin appearance with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Rejuvenize Peel

45 minutes – $300.00

Rejuvenize Peel™ is a blend of Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and the addition of .3% Retinoic Acid. Rejuvenize Peel™ produces a moderate amount of peeling for 2-5 days, and can be repeated every 4-6 weeks. Rejuvenize Peel™ is effective for skin with sun damage, melasma, pigmentary changes and acne scarring.

Vitalize Peel

44 minutes – $200.00

Blend of Salicylic Acid, Resorcinol, Lactic Acid, Panthenol, and Retinoic acid. Vitalize Peel helps fight the effects of time, sun damage, and environmental assaults. This powerful yet non-damaging peel can take years off aging skin. Vitalize Peel is effective for various skin conditions, such as acne, pigmentation abnormalities, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, and photodamage.